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Robin Williams, 1951-2014

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help i have a big dumb crush on louis ck

by Jenna Bolusky

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the Violin scene from ep 6 season 4 of LOUIE

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Fucking reat news Louis is renewed for a new season. Dr Bigelow, get readly! :D
fyeahlouisck fyeahlouisck Said:

It is! We’re super stoked! 


Literally me when shopping.

Who are you? Who who, who who…

For Louie, FX has ordered a fifth season from creator-producer-star-everything Louis CK, but there’s a catch — only seven episodes this time. The show will return next spring. 

CK synch on the dash!

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Excellent storytelling

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Grodin killed it in this series. Hope CK will give him more lines next time :)
fyeahlouisck fyeahlouisck Said:

Perhaps so, dear anon. :)

Charles Grodin Final scene from episode 6 season 4 of LOUIE