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Stopping by “Opie & Anthony" this week, the comedian ripped into the well-regarded survival flicks, Alfonso Cuaron's “Gravity" and J.C. Chandor's “All Is Lost.” In terms of the former, he criticized it for casting pretty people in the lead roles but, more importantly, for making Dr. Ryan Stone such a “reluctant” astronaut when, for anyone going into space, it’s the culmination of a life-long dream. He called out the film’s physics for not being accurate as well. Meanwhile, he called “All Is Lost" a "piece of shit" movie, mostly because Robert Redford's character seems to make bad decisions for the entire film or give up far too easily. 

LCK attends the American Hustle premiere in NYC.

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If you’re a fan of Louis C.K. and you’re not signed up for his e-mail list, you probably should change that immediately. The comedian sends out infrequent and hilarious updates to his fans which are mostly about his upcoming shows and specials, but also include personal gems like information about his recent weight loss.

In the latest e-mail, which C.K. sent out to promote the fact that his HBO special “Oh My God” is available online for purchase, the "Louie" creator/star/everything discussed his seven-pound weight loss.

"A lot has changed since my last email to you. Firstly, you’ll be glad to know, I lost seven pounds! I know! And all it took was absolutely no dedication or commitment to losing any weight. And it paid off," he writes. "Now that I knocked that out of the park, I’m setting my sites on more goals."

What do those goals entail? Things like “none of my habits changing in any particular way” and “believing in myself,” which is simpler than one might think. According to C.K., believing in oneself is easy as having the mentality, “I believe that I exist. And that I’m going to pretty much keep existing and being the pretty much same guy, with the same qualities and skills ive always ha or lacked, especially when averaged over time, no matter what happens.”

So there you have it: major updates in the life of Louis C.K. He ends the wonderfully hilarious e-mail with the advice, “Please enjoy your life. And please be always curious about other people.”

For those of you also missing C.K. as a regular presence in your life, “Louie” Season 4 will start filming this fall for a Spring 2014 return date.

Louis C.K. says he likes doing his show in New York, where ‘no one has time to mess around.’

Louis C.K. loves shooting his hit show “Louie” in New York, because, well, people just “don’t give a shit,” he says.

The comic spoke at the sold-out PaleyFest: Made in N.Y., Thursday at the Paley Center, saying he loves the constant flow of people in and out of his scenes.

“New York is great because people really don’t care,” he says. “Even fans, they’ve got somewhere to go.”

Of all the locations during his three seasons of the show (which he writes, produces and edits in his apartment), Louis thought Grand Central Terminal would be the craziest to shoot in. He says it turned out surprisingly easy because the crowd just kept changing, and the constant flow worked.

“No one has time to mess around; the whole city is kind of like that,” he says.

The one place that is difficult to shoot in turns out to be the subway. Louis and his crew often use the S train, he says, “because who takes the fucking S train anyway?”

Louis says one big change for him is people stopping to record him on their cell phones as he films his show.

“You can tell some people don’t even know the show, but they see other people recording it, so they join in,” he joked.

Unlike most shows, C.K. does his series on his own terms, and says he waited a long time after wrapping season three to get started on season four, now filming around New York.

“It was for the good of the show. I didn’t want to make it with diminishing returns. … I took a year off and hit the reset button,” he says.

The comic looked relaxed, saying, “I’m feeling a huge amount more energy.” He went on to explain that he loves living in New York, even when he was sleeping on a Murphy bed in a studio when he was just starting out.

“It’s really the disgusting parts of life that bring us together,” he said.

Louie started filming early this month! 

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hello. louis ck's USO blog entries are not available on his website anymore (i could just be stupid, of course). do you know where i can find them? thanks a many.
fyeahlouisck fyeahlouisck Said:

No dear anon, I don not know where they have gone. The links that Louis supplied back when he was writing the blog entries now just redirect to the main page of his website. I guess since he’s changed the content and layout due to recent releases that the blogs are currently inaccessible. If anyone else knows further information please send me a message and I’ll post it for our anon here.